Lynh’s Hardwood Flooring Services is more than happy to work with homeowners of Braintree. Braintree is a suburban New England city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. With the population of over 35,744, we would love to work with homeowners that are in need of hardwood floor services. The transportation there would be quick and easy since our services are based in Quincy. Lynh’s Hardwood Flooring Services will please homeowners of Braintree that will work with us and will be able to produce quality work in a reasonable time span. Our team at Lynh’s Hardwood Flooring are able to assist any type of projects, whether how much work is needed, we are able to provide the best possible services.

Our Services:

Installation   |   Sanding    |   Refinishing   |  Staining

Hardwood Installation Braintree MA

If you’re looking to upgrade your floors, we suggest looking into hardwood installation. Trong at Lynh’s Hardwood flooring will personally help you choose the perfect wood that best complements your room, delivering 100% satisfaction guaranteed, from the first plank to the final piece of trim!

Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing Braintree MA

If your floors are looking worn out and need refinishing, we are here to assist you. Your floors need to be sanded and refinished to restore its original and elegant look. Sanding can be messy, we’ve handled many unhappy homeowners who have experienced poor services due to lack of consideration to their clients. At Lynh’s Hardwood Flooring, we make sure your room is kept environmentally safe throughout the day, as it is important that you trust us before we get started.

Upgrading your floors can beautify your room within an instance and add more value to your home should you decide to sell in the future. if you’re looking to install, sand, refinish or stain your wood floors in Braintree MA. Please get in touch and contact us at (857) 869-0573 or fill in our online contact form.