How much does a service cost?

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Can I install hardwood floors in any room in my house?

Solid and engineered hardwood floors are a great choice for most rooms in your house, but are not recommended for moisture prone rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and mudrooms. Solid hardwood is not recommended to be installed in a basement since engineered hardwood is a better option. Check out how to hire hardwood floor contractors and the expectations.

Is a solid wood flooring better than an engineered wood floor?

No. Solid wood flooring is not better than engineered wood flooring because engineered woods provide thicker and better quality. Engineered wood floors will last for many years and can be refinished once or twice. Hardwood flooring manufacturers make a really tough, durable finish and are available on both engineered and solid wood floors. Engineered wood floors are also much more stable than solid hardwood flooring so they can be used in many situations where solid wood is not recommended.

What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished hardwood?

Unfinished hardwood is installed in your home and then the finish is applied. This can be matched to existing or surrounding hardwood floors. Prefinished hardwood is stained and finished at the factory under carefully controlled conditions, which provides a more consistent appearance and better durability. Prefinished floors allow you to enjoy your new floor sooner, without the dust, noise, and time spent waiting for finishes to be applied and cured. Learn more on taking care of your hardwood floors.  

Can we install hardwood flooring if we have a dog or other indoor pets?

Many hardwood floors are installed in homes with pets. However, the finish of the wood flooring can be scratched by the pet’s claws. Also, pet damage to the flooring is not warranted by the manufacturers in most situations. Be aware of your pet and clean up any messes immediately.  It is advised not to put the pet’s food or water bowl directly on the wood flooring.

What is the most durable hardwood floor available?

Most hardwood floors are treated with up to 10 coats of an aluminum oxide finish. While this helps the durability of the floor, it is the hardness of the floor that gives the best indication of durability. Refer to the Janka Hardness rating for a true indication of hardness on selected species.

Will my floor change color over time?

Yes. You can expect to see shade differences in your floor over time. Exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun, whether direct or indirect will cause this usually. The color change will be more noticeable in lighter colors, which will darken over time. In addition, certain species will naturally darken over the years. These changes are due to the natural characteristics of wood and are not covered by most manufacturers’ warranties.

Why should I choose hardwood floors over carpeting or laminate?

Hardwood floors last longer than carpeting and laminate. They are more environmentally safe and can increase the value of your home or commercial space.