How to Hire Hardwood Installers and Expectations

Homeowners may not be satisfied with how your floors look whether they may be old, dull, or scratched up. Many people may consider starting a new hardwood floor installation project and take matters into their own hands by doing it themselves. But, DIYing a hardwood floor installation may potentially bring harm to oneself and their home due to lack of experience and knowledge of the process. It is recommended to hire a professional hardwood flooring contractor like Lynh’s Hardwood Floor Services to do it for you.

How the Process Works

There are four different steps to hardwood floor installation. The size estimate of your home is the first step. After contacting a company, an estimator will come to your house to measure your floors with a measuring device and a long tape measure. With these tools, the estimator will produce a square-foot measurement. Their figure may be greater than yours since at least a ten-percent overage amount to account for waste associated with cutting the wood will be added. It is recommended to get at least three estimates from different companies to compare prices. A wide price spread is expected when all the prices are compared and some installers may throw out high estimates because they know there is a certain percentage of homeowners who are prone to signing a contract immediately to get work done for their home as soon as possible. However, at Lynh’s Hardwood Floors, we are honest with our prices and negotiate with our customers to the best terms for both sides. By getting three or more estimates, you cancel out those outlier estimates. The price estimate comes right after the size estimate. The sizing estimator may negotiate with you and process the numbers to come up with a price estimate on the spot. The estimator may even need more time to process the numbers and give a call later. At least three days before the installers arrive, delivery of the flooring and acclimation would be the next step. Acclimation means that the wood needs to reach a moisture balance with the home and dry climates require longer acclimation periods. The inside of the home should stay at a steady 60 F to 80 F before and during installation and Humidity levels should stay between 30 percent and 50 percent to ensure the best results. Hardwood floor installers will usually arrive in the morning and set up their equipment. At Lynh’s Hardwood Floors, we are experienced professionals that work efficiently to ensure the best results for our customers. 

Where to Find a Hardwood Installer 

You can contact Lynh’s Hardwood Floors at (857)-869-0573 or even use our contact form on our website. We are pleased to work with every customer and want to help homeowners obtain their “dream” look for their floors.