How to protect your hardwood floors for the winter

With cold winters come cheerful snow days, beautiful landscapes and peaceful moments. However, if you have hardwood floors, the winter season could also cause damage to your beautiful, natural flooring. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways you can protect your hardwood floors from the effects of freezing, wet winter.


  1. Use protective rugs and covers.

Make sure to use rugs and covers on your floors, especially near entrances and exits where snow, dirt, ice, and salt might get inside. Salt leaves a white, abrasive residue that can scratch your hardwood floors and cause a slip and fall hazard. If left unattended, salt can damage the finish and even the wood itself. Protect your floors from scratches and reduce the risk of slipping by placing protective rugs and covers in congested areas of your home or business.

 2. Clean your floors regularly.

Cleaning your floors frequently during winter is your best protection against scratches from small particles and debris. Clean puddles of water from melting snow or ice ASAP to avoid permanent damage to your wood floors. Use a towel to absorb the moisture, mop the area, and then dry it completely. Be careful not to scratch the floors if salt is seen in the water.

 3. Maintain the right temperature and level of humidity.

Are there gaps between your floorboards? Cooler temperatures and lower humidity in the winter reduces the moisture in your home, which causes wood to shrink. Hardwood floorboards are installed to assist minor temperature and humidity movement – generally, 60-80 degrees with a relative humidity range of 35-55 percent – but sudden changes can cause permanent damage to the wood, including splits and cracks. To abstain shrinkage, run a humidifier to control the right level of humidity and keep your thermostat set at a temperature your floors can withstand. This winter, keep up with your hardwood floor care to avoid expensive repairs or permanent damage. If you are unsure of the best way to care for your wood floors, call Lynhs Hardwood Flooring Services to learn more about our commercial floor cleaning and residential floor cleaning services. You can trust the experts at Lynhs Hardwood Flooring Services to keep your hardwood floors beautiful- all year long.