How to take care of your Hardwood Floors

Taking care of your hardwood floors is a topic that usually gets ignored by many people. But by doing so, you and your home will benefit from it. Here are some ways to keep your hardwood floors clean and beautiful!

  • Consult with us when you receive our services. (We will finish our work and keep your home clean after working with you)
  • Place mats and rugs at doorways, the exterior and interior of your home to prevent any dirt and bacteria from entering your home
  • Use plastic glides or any piece of cardboard under pieces of furniture to prevent it from scratching your floors when they are being moved
  • Make sure to sweep and vacuum your home occasionally to keep your floors clean
  • Clean all spills with napkins, cloth or paper towels to prevent your floors being stained
  • Close curtains and blinds during the day to prevent the sunlight from drying or fading the wood
  • Update Lynh’s Hardwood Flooring Services for any problems and any upgrades from your current hardwood floors if desired

Your hardwood floors are a lifetime investment that you would want to keep clean and beautiful. Ignoring the maintenance needed for your hardwood floors from time to time will lead to damaged floors and an unpleasant view of them. When you are cleaning your hardwood floors, you are actually cleaning the polyurethane which is a protective layer that covers the wood. Keeping this protective layer in good condition is the major key to protecting the hardwood floors. Protecting the surface finish from heavy wear and excessive moisture will prevent scratches.

At Lynh’s Hardwood Flooring Services we give it our all to please our customers and homeowners of Massachusetts in the best way we can. Contact us for more information about our services and we would love to help keep your hardwood floors clean and fine!